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King David Community Center

of Atlanta, Inc


 Home Delivered Meals


"A Building Today A Healthy Tomorrow"
Phone: 770-931-8591
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Home Delivered Meals
King David Community Center’s Home Delivery Meal Program (KDCC Meals) offers a simple yet unique solution for your everyday cooking needs. Our Medicaid certified meal-plans are created in the form of several ethnic menus, through the collaboration of culturally-authentic chefs and professional dieticians. To name just a few examples of our variety of delicious cuisine, we offer: Kosher, Russian, Chinese, Nepali, and Korean menus and meal-plans. So whether you’re an immigrant searching for a taste of home-cooked food from your childhood, someone with a busy schedule and a taste for exotic food, or a retiree who has cooked enough for several lifetimes – we guarantee you a healthy and delicious meal, without you spending a second in your kitchen.
Convenience often comes at the cost of quality; this is absolutely not the case with KDCC Meal Solutions. All of our delivered meals are never frozen or dehydrated. Using fresh, natural ingredients we cook all items on our menus daily – meals are delivered on the same day they are prepared! Each meal-container also comes with convenient re-heating instructions and an expiration date. Haven’t you honestly eaten enough burgers, fries, and pizzas in your life? Try something new. We know you’re busy, and hungry! Consultation takes only a moment, so don’t wait, call (770)455-7672 and get started on your meal-plan today!
We are not fast food, nor are we a restrictive diet plan, we are not take-out or delivery – we are a personal meal program, and we handle each customer with the personal care and attention of a family member. In fact, as a new customer, you will meet with a professional dietician, who will work with you to create a meal-plan and menu individually tailored to your medical needs and the preferences of your taste-buds. We will even take the time to record little details like your refrigeration and kitchen arrangements, to ensure any additional services you may need to enjoy our delicious food are accounted for from the start.
Certain customers are even eligible to have our services fully covered by their Medicaid Provider! And even if this is not the case, our per-meal pricing is at a cost comparable to a combo from any fast-food restaurant, while offering leaps and bounds better quality, service, nutrition, and taste.
You’ve spent enough time in the kitchen – let us handle the cooking, you owe it to yourself. Enjoy your meal!

King David Community Center of Atlanta, Inc.
2830 Clearview Place, Suite 900, Doraville, GA
Phone: (770)455-7672