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King David Community Center

of Atlanta, Inc


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"A Building Today A Healthy Tomorrow"
Phone: 770-931-8591
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The word donation comes from the Latin 'dotatio' - gift, donation. In English we use the word donation. But it has essentially the same meaning.
We are not talking about accidentally grants, gifts and donations. Despite many laws providing quality and dignified life for American retirees there still remained a group of old men who are not protected by any of those. Basically, it is those who , having to work in the U.S. for several years , failed to earn a high pension or health care, or any other social and home care.
"King David Community Center", being aware of this group of the elderly, does much to help them in the fight against aging. But the capacity of the Centre is also limited. Not to mention the fact that in addition to retirees the Center performs a variety of other social programs. But the management believes firmly that there should not be hungry elderly. The task of meal delivery to people who do not fit into any of the existing social programs, "King David Community Center" considers it a matter of honor and prestige.
But it is difficult to do without the help of philanthropists . Even a small amount of funds donated by you to the Centre , will allow the freshly prepared healthy food to feed an elderly person for a certain time . We know that you want to help people and so now you need our support. You can sure imagine the old man who can not afford needed vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates. There are also elderly woman , who are unable to keep up with so sudden rise in food prices. Our Center is doing everything to prevent this from happening. Program of food delivery provides them with everything necessary . But we need your financial support . And we are confident that will soon get it.
That's why we started this page with the words - the gift of donation .
Please call 770-391-8591 , ask Khan Aranbaevu and you will learn how a small amount of money donated by you can help prolong someone's life.