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King David Community Center

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"A Building Today A Healthy Tomorrow"
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It is understandable that a large number of elderly people still living at home begin to need help and support, even with simple housework. And making food can not be considered an “easy” task; imagine how much time and effort is needed to make even a very simple meal, now imagine doing that alone, daily, three times a day. Furthermore, we should also consider the level of difficulty in going out, shopping for food, and delivering that food back home – for elderly people that is an extremely hard task to accomplish. Even the seemingly routine process of washing and preparing food can become difficult with old age; and spending too much time standing up, and working at a hot stove can actually result in negative effects on the health of an elderly person.
If you, or a loved one experience any of these described problems, we strongly urge you to consider the services of “King David Community Center” – always ready to provide any necessary assistance to those who are in need. We have outstanding cooks that will make delicious meals for you, saving you the time, energy, and health required to do it yourself. Meanwhile, our prompt drivers will deliver the meals right to your doorstep, at any convenient time and address.
The Meal Delivery Service is offered either separately, as meal preparation and delivery alone; or, as part of an in-home care plan, offered in conjunction with a large variety of other personal care services available through King David Community Center.
The food delivered will always be beneficial to your current health conditions, and each delivery will be reviewed and approved by the on-site nutritionists and dieticians at KDCC, who will approve your meal-plan, based on your individual health needs. The number of deliveries will also be approved by each individual customer’s case-manager, based on the established plan for each particular customer. For the food delivery “King David Community Center” uses special vehicles with refrigeration equipment, and meals are prepared fresh daily. For this reason, the quality of the food delivered will always be guaranteed. Note that no preservatives are used at any stage of the food preparation process; only high-quality and fresh products are use for the meals. Highly professional cooks, licensed and certified, will also make sure that the meals delivered to you taste delicious, of course. All prepared food is placed into microwave safe disposable paper boxes and vacuum-sealed before shipping. Finally, all of our products and equipment are checked daily by our sanitary and technological independent control.