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King David Community Center

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"A Building Today A Healthy Tomorrow"
Phone: 770-931-8591
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There is probably not a single person living in America who has not, at least once, ordered food to be delivered to their home. Some people order it from expensive “high-class” restaurants for family dinners, or for less personable group meetings; others simply call the nearest pizzeria, out of not wanting to slave away in front of a stove; and, others still, use various government meal programs for the elderly, or low-income families. But, in any of these cases, someone has to prepare this food, check it for quality, and see to its delivery.
In any of the cases mentioned above, the Home Meal Delivery program offered by King David Community Center is quickly growing very popular in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. And this should be of no surprise; after all, who doesn't get overjoyed at receiving delicious food, prepared from the freshest ingredients, and correctly made-to-order from the very first request? In fact, this phenomenon is so rare these days, that it is important to emphasize further: all food delivered by King David Community Center is made only from fresh ingredients; no preservatives, never frozen, only natural and organic food. Medical professionals also ensure that all dishes prepared, are cooked to the highest nutrition standards; so, you can rest assured that any food you order here, has passed for quality with the approval of several strict dieticians.
So, you have already considered the charm of this wonderful offer? Then continue reading, and see how easy and convenient it is to become one of our clients, and take advantage of all the services we have to offer.
First, we are glad to announce some great news: certain people, who qualify for a special government program for meal delivery will use our services completely free of charge. Call 770-931-8591 to see if you qualify for our free services; our experts will be happy to answer all of your questions, and help you choose and sign up for the best program for you. Even if you do not qualify for government assistance, do not hesitate to call! Our competitive prices are so low that by contacting us you will still drastically reduce the cost of food, even in your current family budget.
Becoming a customer is very easy. Simply go to the “Menu” tab on our website, and choose from the menu options that seem most interesting to you; they are laid out day-by-day of the current month for your convenience. Then, call the number you are already familiar with (770-931-8591), and our operators at King David Community Center will gladly gladly take your order for whichever breakfast, lunch, or dinner options you find most appetizing; both for your individual order, or for the entire complex you're calling from, for any given day of the week, simply give us a few days notice in advance. We can promise, you will be amazed at the quality and taste, and even our prices. So do not wait to cook tomorrow what you can eat today.