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King David Community Center

of Atlanta, Inc


 Home Delivered Meals


"A Building Today A Healthy Tomorrow"
Phone: 770-931-8591
Open Panel
We always welcome and appreciate individuals that wish to offer their time and services to our senior community.
 If you would like to volunteer, please contact our office
at (770) 455-7626
“Charity.” It is a beautiful word that should attract us all to the opportunity to do something good, helping others who need our support.
Charity has a long and glorious history. The word, in Russian, is already associated with respect. To do something good means doing something free and unselfishly, realizing ourselves as being part of human society, and feeling a sense of connection to the world in which we live.
Very often, we hear from people that express their desire help someone; but they do not know the exact recipient of their help and attention, or the best way to offer their services – they don’t know what to do, for instance, or how much money to send.
To this, we say: Enough excuses. Friends, look around you, and you'll find plenty of opportunities to realize your good intentions. Do not be burdened by a lack of funds – Your helping hands, your skills, your good heart and your warm company – these are all things much more valuable than a signed check; these are all things necessary, but lacking, in the lives of people around you.
"King David Community Center" gives you an opportunity to show the best features of your character through caring for the elderly. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! And our seniors deserve, and will appreciate your help.
We invite all those who want to do some good in their community, who feel the desire to help other people in need. If you know how to cook, for example, and would be willing to treat a group of veterans to a delicious meal – come to us; at any time, on any day of the week, even if it’s at least once a month. You will be surprised at how fulfilled and rejuvenated you feel as a result; and how much of a positive impact you may make on someone’s life. Do not have any culinary skills? It does not matter. You can help us pack the meals, or serve them to the elderly. Or, is the kitchen not the place for you? Not a problem, come join our drivers and help with food delivery.
You can even help without so much as leaving home. Have a few minutes of free time? Spend it on the phone and talk to an old man, give them a few moments of care and compassion – ask how his health is doing, whether he is feeling any new, or troubling symptoms, may he require changes in his diet? Tell us about that conversation, and maybe you'll save someone's life. As the ancient proverb says: “One who saved a life - saved a world.” So help save the world, one person at a time.
Do you have beautiful English in addition to speaking another language? Our multi-cultural and multi-lingual community could use you! Help a lonely retiree fill out paperwork, or to make phone calls or doctor’s appointments; and you will feel that, suddenly, you day did not go by in vain.
There are also elderly people for whom it is already hard to take care of themselves, yet they do not yet fall under any of the existing government or assistance programs. Stop by their place for a few minutes. Help them make something to eat, or do the dishes. Many people are no longer able to do these things themselves. Who will help them if not us?
Interested? Call us now! 770-391-8591